About Us

Mindful Living Center is a not-for profit organization, located at Vazhaiyur, in the outskirt of Trichy, Tamil Nadu. We invite you to explore our thoughts, services, resources and experience health and happiness all the time.


We believe that mindful Living has the potential to transform lives and communities. We seek to help people cultivate self-awareness, healthy eating habits, Reading habits, yoga and kindness so that they can lead healthy and happy lives. We organize 3 day Naturopathy and Books Reading retreats, completely free of cost for people of all age group and social/economic backgrounds, month on month. Experience life the natural way with our Naturopathy and Book reading retreats. You can register for our retreats one month in advance and Reconfirm your participation three days before the program. So take a break from work life, join us for 3 Days of Practice, click to register.

We are open and inclusive to all who wish to deepen their experience of themselves and their place in the greater community.


A sprawling 5 acre land, houses a herbal garden, yoga center, guest houses, Reading room and a meditation hall.
The center is equipped with necessary facilities including massage tables,  full immersion bath, foot & arm bath, mud bath and plantain leaf bath to offer authentic Ayurvedic and Naturopathy treatments.